DMSO, do you know this stuff?

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DMSO, do you know this stuff? Empty DMSO, do you know this stuff?

Post by OnTheBayou on Sun Nov 17, 2019 7:43 am

Are you aware of this compound?  It's both a fave of alternative medicine types and yet has some solid science behind it in health matters. I'll just cut and paste what I just told a friend:

So I came across a compound, quercitin.  It's natural, found in many foods. In experiments, it's hugely effective in a lot of things including weight loss.  The problem is that it's not very bio-available.  More so in ethanol and......DMSO.

The latter is a weird chemical. From coal, originally.  Long known as a solvent, many industrial and medical uses.  A lot of "alternative medicine" claims.  The USDA has approved it for some rare ailment, and is investigating it for traumatic head injury. Vets use it for joint liniment, which many humans swear by it for arthritis and joints. It is known for shooting right through the skin and carrying other chemicals like quercitin with it right into the blood stream.  Rub some on, and you can taste it a minute later.

Weird shit.

For me, besides wanting the benefits of quercitin, I have also spent years with nose rosacea.  Honestly, it might be alcohol, not rosacea.  Also, in the last perhaps five years, hematomas on my arms.  Old age, dark red spots, easily breached to bleed.

I got a pint for about $15 from Amazon.  This AM, I applied it to my nose and my forearms.  Soon, I cold not believe what I was seeing.  "Yuge" improvements on my nose and forearms. OK, Paul, objective.  Now, many hours later, my nose looks great, my forearms are hematoma free.  That's one application!

Tonight I dissolved quercitin in DMSO and applied on the nose and forearms.

As I'm about to hit Send, I look at my arms.  Perfect.


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DMSO, do you know this stuff? Empty Re: DMSO, do you know this stuff?

Post by Rig D on Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:35 am

Interesting. I have heard of DMSO, primarily as a solvent and carrier of other chemicals into the body as you discussed. Never explored it.
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