How do I insert a Picture

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How do I insert a Picture

Post by Rig D on Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:48 pm

You can not use a picture or image that is only on your PC, it must be on the web. \

If your picture is already on the web,

  1. Click on the Insert Image icon as shown:
    The pop up will allow you to enter the web address of the image.
    I recommend that you leave the width and height fields blank.  If you do enter values in these fields, your image will be resized to fit the dimensions you provide. Most likely, your image will be distorted.
  2. Click  insert.  You will have text entered in the text window to insert the picture. Using the sample information shown above, the following will be placed in the text:
        (the {} shown will be replaced by [] in your text)
  3. Recommended: Click the Preview button below the text window to see what the post will look like. You can then edit and preview as much as you want to before you click the Send button which will post your reply to the system.

If your picture is not on the web you must place it on the web using a web site of your choice. If you don't have a site you use, you can use the default for our forum, which is The first time you use this and send files, you will have an account automatically created on, where you can view, add, and delete images directly. You will receive an email telling you how to log in to

To use the forum tools, click the  Host an Image Icon as shown:

The popup will appear as shown , click the Select files button which will pop up a window where you can select and drag your file(s) into the box as indicated. When you bring your file over, the window will "go black", just drop your file anywhere in it. Your files will be shown at the bottom of the window. When you are ready to upload, click the Send all button.

The file(s) are sent, and the pop-up window will then show the web address for the file(s).

For each image the top address is what you want when you do the first set of instructions for adding a picture.

Your photo is now ready to be added to your reply by doing the first section of this post.
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