How do I do Quotes?

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How do I do Quotes?

Post by Rig D on Mon Dec 18, 2017 9:56 am

Notes on using quotes

  • Overuse of quotes makes things messy and hard to read, especially if what you are quoting has quotes in it.
  • Normally, it is not recommended to quote an entire post.
  • If you are responding to the last post, consider not quoting at all, possibly starting your post with the ^ character to indicate the previous ┬ápost.
  • It is recommended to just quote the specific portion of a post that you are responding to.
  • Do not include pictures in your quoted material

Quoting an entire post

If you want to add a reply and wish to quote the entire post,  just click the quote button on the posting header:

As noted above, it is recommended that you then edit the content of the quote to include only the specific text you are responding to. Just don't erase the quote and /quote markers.

To quote any sections of text, or to quote something not on this site, or to add additional quotes
Use the quote icon that is above the text area either in the Quick Reply area or the Add Reply screen: Copy and paste (or type) the text of the quote, then highlight the text and click the quote button. You will get a pop up that allows you to type who you are quoting, then click insert. Your text will now be bracketed by quote and /quote markers:

You can also type in the quote markers where you would type [ ] instead of { } like this:
{quote}your text{/quote} or
{quote="Author's Name"}your text{/quote}

To see what you post will look like, click the preview button below the text entry area. You can go back and forth between editing and preview as much as you like, nothing is on the system until you click the Send button

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