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Welcome to Primal Forums! By registering as a member on you are agreeing to the following rules and regulations of the forum: "Scope: This forum is dedicated to individuals trying to improve their health primarily through following a Paleo dieting program, in its various forms, with emphasis on the Primal Blueprint lifestyle program established by Mark Sisson. The community is designed to be a meeting place for exchanging ideas, making friends, providing mutual support, and tracking of daily life and activities." Rules and Guidelines The following Rules and Guidelines are strict, but the Administrator and Moderators are responsible for maintaining the high quality of a Forum. If you have any questions about these guidelines, do not hesitate to ask by: • posting on this thread; • sending a private message to any of the Administrator or Moderators 1. Forum Scope Posts that fall outside the narrowly defined scope of may be deleted by moderators. Discussion of politics, religion, or any other contentious political or social subject is forbidden. The promotion of your own commercial product is not permitted. This includes references to products and projects by persons known to you. 2. Acceptable Behaviour 2.1 Posts must remain respectful of the opinions of others, even if contrary to your own. If you disagree with someone, please do so in a polite, positive way. You don't need to resort to personal attacks and name calling. Abusive or personally denigrating language or profanity is not permitted. And you don't need to have the last word. 2.2 Posts should make a contribution. Some chit-chat is allowed (this is, after all, a community), but too much may be considered forum "noise" and moved or deleted by moderators. 2.3 Before posting a question, use Google to attempt to answer it yourself. (If you find an answer and think other forum members may have the same question, please write a post that contains both the question and the answer you found.) You may well find that your question was previously asked and answered elsewhere on this Forum. Use the Forum's own Search tool or read back through the thread and check first. 2.4 Do not rant. Repeating yourself makes your posts part of the forum noise. If you must rant, start your own blog (try Blogger or Wordpress). 2.5 If you wind up in an argument with another member, do not fight within the forum; please take the discussion to email or to private messages. 2.6 "Drive-by-posting" is not permitted: posts from new registrants that only link to their own websites will be deleted. 3. Posting Etiquette Most of these rules are intended to make the forum faster to download and easier to scan quickly for information. 3.1 Do not use excessive formatting. Use text formatting only as necessary to clarify a post. 3.3 Do not attach images that can be viewed freely on someone else's server. Instead, simply post their URLs or an inline thumbnail that links to a larger image. 3.4 When posting links to scientific papers, include in your post an explanation of why you think it is relevant to the discussion. If a subscription is required to view the paper, state that. 3.5 Avoid excessive quoting. If your reply will immediately follow the post you're replying to, do not quote it at all. If your reply refers to a post farther up in the thread, quote only that text that is relevant to your reply. Avoid quoting images. 3.6 Signatures may not exceed two lines of plain text, with links. Images are not permitted in signatures. 4. Results of Rule Violations Admins and Mods may delete posts without warning or discussion in order to keep the Forum tidy. If a member repeatedly violates rules (or commits a single particularly egregious rule violation), a discussion is opened among the administration team about that member. Decisions to suspend or ban members are made by consensus among the administration team. 4.1 Members who repeatedly violate rules will receive a warning from a forum moderator. 4.2 Additional rule violations may result in a two-week suspension or revocation of membership. 4.3 Banned users found to have set up a new member account under a pseudonym will be banned again without warning. 5. Copyright 5.1 If you wish to use images from, ask permission from its creator first, especially if you intend to use the images for profit. For legal advice on copyright, visit this site. 5.2 Give credit where it's due. Credit should be given to the institutions responsible for generating the data as well as to the person who processed it. 6. Miscellaneous 6.1 Blatant advertising on the Forum is not permitted, be it for a book, product, or film. Products can certainly be discussed, critiqued, or evaluated, but posts saying "check out my product for sale" will be deleted. 6.2 A forum is like a tiny social club. It is a shared space that can be as good or as bad as the group it represents. If you disagree with someone, please do so in a polite, positive way. You don't need to resort to personal attacks and name calling. And you don't need to have the last word. 6.3 This forum has a truly international membership. Many members speak English as a second (or third, or fourth) language. Be sensitive to cultural differences and the possibility that language barriers may confuse the meaning of your or others' posts. Think before reacting. Interpretation of the Rules and Guidelines These rules and guidelines result from years of discussion and enforcement by the Admin and Mods, who are the arbiters of their final interpretation. Decisions regarding what constitutes infringement of the Rules as well as the responsibility to remove, edit, move or close those posts or entire threads that are seen as being harmful to the Forum resides entirely with them.